Reproductive medicine, like other medical specialties, is in continuous evolution and development with the aim of achieving a degree of knowledge that allows an accurate diagnosis and effective and personalized treatment with the least negative impact on the physical and / or psychological health of the population.

Nowadays, advances in any field of medicine involve basic and applied research into the causes that trigger a particular disease. With this, its development and evolution for the benefit of our patients, generates a global awareness within our society by making this information available to all people who may become beneficiaries of these treatments.

The Fertty Foundation understands research as a strategic commitment to the future on which it bases the continuous improvement of healthcare activity and, consequently, the health and quality of life of patients.

Therefore, our aim is to initiate, promote and coordinate various areas of research that allow the progress of knowledge in human reproduction, improving the results of assisted reproduction treatments and reducing the possibility of adverse events, with the ultimate goal of combating infertility and improving outcomes for those who suffer from this problem.  

Researchers and Research Centers

  • Scientific Comittee: President: MA Checa, JJ Espinós, Santiago Munne, Manel López Bejar, Mariona Rius. 
  • Researchers: MA Checa, JJ Espinós, Paula Fabra, Mónica Aura, María Arqué, Mireia Julia, Mariona Rius, Silvia Tovar 
  • Collaborating Centers: IMIM, Overture life
  • In training: Students in training:: Daniel Tarasconi

The Ferrty Foundation must be a platform for the promotion, the meeting, the analysis, as well as the interdisciplinary debate between the medical and scientific communities in the field of reproductive medicine.