Master in Human Reproductive Medicine.

UAB Master’s Degree. Annual.

Semi-attendance mode.

This is a teaching and professional program in reproductive medicine developed at the Campus of the Teaching Units of the Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau and the Hospital Parc Salut Mar. Changes in the western world’s lifestyle have led to a considerable increase in sterility and in the number of assisted reproduction techniques. Approximately 20% of couples will have a problem of infertility, 40% due to female reasons, 40% due to male reasons and 20% due to mixed causes. One of the most important causes of infertility in Western countries is the delay of conception by men and women, which is directly related to the probability of pregnancy. The treatment of sterility is based on a specific therapy depending on the diagnosis and fundamentally on assisted reproduction techniques, which require a very high level of training and qualification. According to the Spanish Fertility Society, there are 190 Assisted Reproduction Centres in Spain authorised by the Ministry of Health. Specifically in Barcelona are 15% of the total. The field of human reproduction is the field of gynaecology and biology where the most publications have been published in IF journals in recent decades. Almost all human reproduction journals are located in the first quartile of the specialty.

The fundamental justification for this program is the great interest of specialists in gynecology, biology or biotechnology of the latest promotions in expanding their knowledge in gynecological endocrinology and human reproductive techniques. Most of them are trained in basic reproductive support procedures and endoscopy, but not in all assisted reproduction techniques and gynaecological surgery in reproductive medicine.

In addition, graduates in Biology and Biotechnology participate very actively in the information, coordination of reproduction programmes and support for couples who undergo this type of technique in reproduction centres and units. On the other hand, the training programs of these careers contemplate assisted reproduction in a very simplified way and do not specifically talk about most procedures.

The objective of this Master is to train professionals of excellence in the area of Human Reproduction and research, for it consists of a theoretical-practical semi-attendance program, which deepens the scientific methodological knowledge. Currently, Human Reproduction journals compete to appear in the first quartile of the specialty. In this Master a final objective will be to publish an article in a scientific journal of Human Reproduction.