Attendance to Congresses

The Fertty Foundation aims to promote the transmission of knowledge by partially or totally financing health professionals (gynaecologists, nurses, biologists, etc.) to cover the costs of their travel, stay or registration to national or international scientific meetings or congresses with the aim of acquiring or sharing knowledge in the field of human reproduction.

Our researchers have presented studies and papers in the main congresses of Reproductive Medicine in Europe and America.

Every year we have the privilege of attending the most renowned congresses, being part of them and sharing knowledge and experience with both colleagues and leading experts in Reproductive Medicine from all over the world.

Every year we present papers and take part in exhibitions where our team shares the advances and results derived from our research work.


The Spanish Fertility Society is a scientific society whose aim is to promote studies on fertility and to encourage its application to the social problems related to it. Its objectives also include advising the Administration, and other entities that require it, on issues related to reproductive health, as well as disseminating knowledge related to it.


The ASRM is the largest American congress of assisted reproduction that welcomes, every year, the most important specialists in assisted reproduction to shape the future of the sector.


The European Society of Human Reproduction and Embryology (ESHRE) was founded in 1985 by Robert Edwards and J. Cohen, who felt that study and research in the field of reproduction needed to be encouraged and recognized.

The aims of the society are: To promote the understanding of reproductive biology and embryology, to facilitate research and subsequent dissemination of findings to the public, scientists, clinicians and patient associations and to inform policy and politics in Europe.

The society is also involved in medical education activities, the development of data recording, and the implementation of methods to improve safety and quality in clinical and laboratory procedures.

Download the PDF E-Poster Eshre 2020


Red Latinoamericana de Reproducción Asistida (REDLARA) is a scientific and educational institution that brings together more than 90% of the centers that perform assisted reproduction techniques in Latin America.

RED LARA was established in 1995, with 50 centers, and today has more than 200 centers; it has the Latin American Registry of Assisted Reproduction (RLA), which annually catalogs all the results of assisted reproductive techniques reported by these centers. In order to promote specialization to the scientific community, REDLARA offers the Continuing Education Program, composed of annual congresses, and the Online Continuing Education Program – PEC Online, composed of online refresher courses. The sum of these activities characterizes REDLARA as a true school of Biology and Reproductive Medicine.

Other training activities

Informative talk with the Asociación Madres solteras por elección (Association of Single Mothers by Choice).